Do you want to save time and have computer issues resolved quickly so you can get on with the things that matter to you in life?

Remote support

Up to:

If you're having problems with your computer, it's always helpful to have someone to call for assistance from someone who speaks your language and has the patience to guide you through the issue. I use secure remote access software to connect to your computer for repairs and offer support/guidance using an on screen laser pointer/pen. This can be completed with your supervision, or unattended sessions can be organised at your convenience (access can be easily revoked once the repair is complete and video footage of the repair is available upon request to protect your privacy). Most problems can be dealt with remotely, but should this not be possible, then I offer additional paid services such as in-home training/repairs to get your system up and running as soon as possible.

Fed up of dealing with updates? Need added peace of mind that your data is safe? 

Managed Monitoring & Patching (£5 / month - paid annually)

Annual Subscription

Do you know when your computer is at risk of failure? It's not uncommon for customers to find themselves with failed hard drives and lost data, which could have been prevented. By using my managed monitoring service, you can significantly reduce the risk of data loss*. I can monitor the hard disk health (where your data is stored) and warn you of any impending failure, giving you time to backup your data before it's too late. I can also proactively advise you if the computer requires a service to avoid any future issues. The aim is to keep your computer healthy, running smoothly and to reduce the amount of time you spend throwing your mouse at the wall out of frustration!

*Other factors such as power outages/surges are out of my control which can also damage your system, so I'd recommend using a surge protector and taking regular backups.  

I will actively monitor the following:

  • Check an anti-virus & firewall is installed/active
  • Recent Windows/Application Crashes
  • Hard Disk Capacity, Fragmentation & Health
  • Problems with attached devices

I will also check that your Windows Updates are being installed to ensure you're protected from the latest vulnerabilities - don't leave your system open to attack! Common applications will also be updated, such as:

  • Adobe Flash, Reader, AIR
  • Google Drive, Chrome
  • LibreOffice
  • Skype, Silverlight
  • Quicktime
  • And more

Managed Monitoring & Anti-virus (£10 / month - paid annually)

Includes the Monitoring Package above. 

Annual Subscription

You may already subscribe for an anti-virus/anti-malware package, but if threats are found, do you know what vulnerabilities they may have exposed or what damage they might have caused to your system? Do you know whether your data or your passwords are safe? With a managed antivirus package, I will ensure your computer is being scanned regularly & monitoring for major threats. I can then advise you on any necessary steps you should take to prevent data loss, account theft or further damage to your system.  

Managed Monitoring, Antivirus & Support (£17.50 / month)

Includes the Monitoring & Anti-Virus Packages above. 

Annual Subscription

If you find you're often struggling to do things on your computer, and you just need a bit of guidance by email, phone or remotely then this is the package for you. Great for solving the odd 5-10 minute issue, minimising your frustration with the computer and maximising the time you have to the other things you want to do in life.

  • What do you get? Unmetered Remote/Telephone/Email Support.
  • How quickly do I respond? I aim to book Support sessions within 72 Hours subject to client & my availability.
  • Are there any additional terms? Only covers services that can be provided remotely, any other services outside of the scope of my support contract can be purchased separately. For full terms and conditions, please click here (opens a pdf file in a new window/tab, best viewed on a desktop PC).

Don't need Antivirus? Get Monitoring & Support (£15 / month)

Annual Subscription

**Managed & Remote Support Services are only available for Windows based PCs/Laptops. Prices are for residential customers and small local businesses only with light computer usage, if you're a medium/large business, please contact me for custom packages and pricing.