About Me

I'm Richard Freeman and I have had an interest in computers for longer than I can remember. This picture was taken back in December 1985 at the tender age of 11 months! 

A have a GCSE in IT, an A-Level in Computing & Studied Systems Engineering at Loughborough University. I've always been the go to "computer guy" for my friends and family for the best part of 20 years.

I actually first learned how to assemble computers at the age of 11 when I took apart the family computer when my parents went out for the day, fortunately it still worked when I put everything back together! 

These days, I still have the same captivation, enthusiasm, and cheeky smile! I'm patient and passionate about helping others. I believe that in today's wasteful society, we need to re-use, re-cycle or re-furbish wherever we can. Not only do we have finite resources, but less fortunate people could benefit from affordable re-purposed technology.

Rest assured that if you choose TechWizard, you'll receive a friendly and professional service suited to your needs and I'll even go out of my way to ensure the job is done, properly! :-)